WordBrain Games

Who doesn’t like games ? In today’s world, app stores are all inundated with different games. But, when it comes to WordBrain related games, it can be so addictive that one can spend his day and night playing it. Additionally, WordBrain games can be a real booster for your brain, improving your vocabularies too.

There are many Wordbrain related games out there in the app store, lets take a look at few of them.

  • WordbrainWordbrain – This game is an iPhone and iPad game. The main objective of this game is to unscramble the scrambled word. Initially, the game begins with a 4 letter cubic grid and you got to arrange them into a word. As an when you proceed with the game, it gradually begins to get tough. There are no penalties, it is free to download, WordBrain hints are available, there are over 580 puzzles to be solved and is available in 15 different languages. What else do you want ? Overall, its an amazing game.


  • RuzzleRuzzle – This game is compatible with iOS as well as with Android. Its has limited features, but overall playing this will be a fun experience. Like other Wordbrain related games, this game also has a four by four cubic grids, with a two minutes time to arrange them into as many words as possible. The game is played with the opponent, either your friend ( connected with social networking site) or with some random opponent.


  • Heads upHeads up! – This game is available for iOS and for Android. Its an extremely entertaining game, which you can play with your friend or group of friends. There are numerous word categories to choose from. Once chosen, the phone has to be placed on your forehead and your friend will help you guess the word, that is displayed on the phone by doing some sort of action.You can flip the phone downward for next card, if you guess the word correct or else you can flip it upward, if you can’t guess the word and want to pass and go to the next card.


  • WordJong LiteWordJong Lite – This is an iPhone game. The idea of this game is very fascinating. You get a tiles with letters on them and you got to make words out of them. Once you use a tile for making a word, the used tiles are removed from the piles. The extra advantage is that, you get a bonus score for making large/lengthy words and for using uncommon letters like Z or V.



  • 7-little-words7 Little Words – Available for both iOS and Android. It is a puzzle game consisting of around 50-100 puzzles, each puzzle having seven clues for seven different words. The letter that forms the seven letter word are broken down into a tiles of two to three letter and are randomly scattered on the board. Using these tiles, the seven letter words are formed. Its more or less similar to a crossword puzzle with a little changes, making it more exciting to play.


Final Thought

Altogether, WordBrain related games are more or less same, which just a little changes to make it different, unique in its own way.Playing these kinds of WordBrain related games induces faster thinking ability, makes your brain work fast and brings you across many new different words. You can actually build-up your vocabularies by this fun method, rather than taking pain to do that by boring vocabulary exercises. So you see the pros of playing WordBrain related games and also I would like to mention that there are no cons associated with these games. Keep playing !

Better playing on Android or IOS devices?


If you’re interested in gaming and smartphones, you definitely know about the platform war unleashed by the two biggest operating systems in the market. On the one hand, we have the almighty Android, which has conquered most of the market by using an aggressive advertisement campaign and by booking for them most of the available hardware, On the other hand, we have iOS, which stands the only real competitor to Android monster. But the question you have probably asked yourself a lot of times, and the question that remains vital to mobile game developers is; which platform is better?.
It is widely known that Android is way more popular. In early 2015 it had a market share of nearly 83%, according to the most important Internet analysis firm, Strategy Analytics. Why would game developers even think of creating games for iOS then? The answer is simple, iOS games yield almost 14% more revenue than android games.


Even when the simple answer would seem to be just creating games for both platforms, it is not that simple. Releasing a perfectly designed game that is compatible with every single device in the market is something insanely difficult to achieve. Besides, consumer characteristics and behavior may dramatically vary between iOS and Android users. That’s why developers who favor cutting edge technology and graphic enhancement have decided to focus on iOS platform while developers who favor low requirement games have decided to focus their efforts on android developments. So, if you enjoy games with better graphic technology and stunning textures, you definitely should go for an iOS device. The same reasoning applies if you are someone who prefers the advantages related to massive gaming, in which case Android should be your choice.

Another element to take into consideration is geographical location and its impact on preferences and decisions took by game developers. For example, in vast regions of Asia society heavily favors Android devices, making a massive amount of firms and developers, who want to succeed in Asian countries like South Korea in Japan, focus their efforts on the designing and releasing games for Android. As a result, most casual games designed to be sold in a massive way, have been released for Android. So once again, if you favor massive gaming and competition, Android is your platform. If you prefer more complex games, that are not necessarily the most popular ones, you should go for iOS


Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of test players Android has. In the gaming world, one of the most important characteristics is the stability of a video game. This means games shouldn’t have errors or, as gamers call it, “bugs”. This is the point where a dynamic community of testers makes the difference.

Due to its bigger market share, Android games count on a way bigger tester community, which means android games present significantly fewer errors then iOS. While this doesn’t always impact quality, there is an important amount of games released for both platforms, that prove Android community is better detecting and solving mistakes in the games.

Finally, the above-mentioned differences in consumer preferences have resulted on developers putting their efforts on fulfilling the specific requirements of each segment. While Android users prefer action, adventure, and racing games, iOS users prefer role-playing, strategy and board games. So you should definitely make a decision taking into consideration what categories you like better, as there is no direct answer to the question “Which platform is better?”.